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    Choosing The Right Jewelry According To Your Skin Tone

    Finding the right jewellery to complement the whole look can be tricky if there's no rule to base on. Generally, the jewellery should complement well with your outfit and makeup, even if the piece is meant to be the focal point of your whole look. And you can start by finding the right jewellery that matches with your skin tone, as this will either accentuate the pieces, or the jewellery will fade into the background.

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    Essential Jewellery Tips That You Need To Know, For Effortless Style

    If you love collecting jewellery, it can be tempting to get overwhelmed with the pieces that are available (practically) everywhere that you can get your hands on. For a jewellery collector, knowing a thing or two about making a jewellery collection will save you a lot of time (and money) that you only need pieces that suits you.

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    Guidelines For Lip Makeup For Every Lip Shape, Yours Included

    Believe it or not, good lip makeup is not as easy as swiping a lipstick as the key is to accentuate the good features your lip has, and cover up any flaws at the lips. The certain technique is applicable given that we have different lip shape existed. So, what are the tips and techniques that you need to do, for a good lip makeup?

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    Is Using a Jade Roller Worth It For Your Skin?

    With the current trend in beauty combining with a holistic approach, it's no surprise that jade roller makes it into the current list as one of the most sought after items in beauty. With all of the esthetic aside, is purchasing jade roller is really worth it for your skin, or merely hype? We dig dipper to find out.

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